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DarcStar: The Big Data Storage Star!

The PlatinStor® darCStar has been developed together with Scality Software engineers from San Francisco.
The project was aimed at finding a new approach in administration and storage of quickly increasing unstructured mounds of data.


Distributed Object Storage

The PlatinStor darCStar outperforms every conventional storage system in terms of scalability, Multiplicity and data security.

Convergent File System

By breaking the data down into objects, the system is not limited to a specific or special file system, but provides a universal solution.

Uniform Object Storage

The system treats the keys of the data, that is the metainformation, as objects themselves, thus there is no separate instance for meta-information and furthermore no single point-of-failure.

If you now scale these data objects, the metainformation is indirectly scaled simultaneously.

Consistent Mail Platform

Big savings in data transmission and storage space of emails since the whole overhead which other storage systems generate is simply eliminated.

An equally optimal use of the available space creates a unique scalability of up to billions of messages.

Native Hadoop Interface

A native Hadoop interface and the universal Object Storage make the darCStar a tremendously valuable advantage compared to other storages.

Global Enterprise Cloud

A Global Enterprise Cloud usually consists of a public and a private cloud, forming a so called Hybrid cloud. Benefits associated with a PlatinStor darCStar hybrid cloud are enormous.

Big Data

The almost unlimited scalability of a PlatinStor darCStar allows for big data to be stored fast and uncomplicated, without storing unnecessary overhead and space.

Scientific Computing

The darCStar can represent all that is needed in the area of Scientific Computing: Large volumes, directly connected storage via Infiniband and/or a private secondary storage.

Strategic Web & Cloud Features

Cloud Storage for example is ideal for cloud providers.

... and even more benefits:

• Extensive Collaboration
• Media - Origin Server and Archive
• Active Archive Solution

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