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High Speed Data Encryption & Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum Key Distributor

Quanton Key Distribution Appliance provides secure quantum key distribution with key management functionalities. Combined with the Quanton® Encryption Appliances, it is a scalable and highly secure solution. Quanton® Key Distribution Appliance provides secure quantum keys for up to 12 high performance Quanton® Encryption Appliances, protecting data during transmission outside the secure perimeter of the company without impacting network performance. Maximum standard transmission distance is 100 km (longer distance is available upon request).

Secure MultiLink Encryptor

Quanton® Encryption Appliances ensure the protection of data in transit, offering the ultimate combination of high network performance with quantum-safe security. The Encryption Appliance platform encrypts Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic up to an aggregated throughput of 100Gbps on local and storage area networks for data back-up and recovery, as well as on fully meshed globalWANnetworks for international operations.


• Quantum Safe Security
100% ensured secrecy of all communications

• Back-Door proofed

• Incredible Speed

• Highly secure, truly random keys

• Anti-Eavesdropping detection

• Long-term forward secrecy against brute force hacking and attacks by quantum computers

• Long-term data protection

• Comprehensive Integrity

• Ultra-low latency

• Network Connectivity: Ethernet and Fibre Channel are supported – Integrate seamlessly into existing network infrastructures

• Easy Management and Monitoring


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