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All Flash Revolution!

Are you ready for a new StorAGE?

NOVARIONs new Storage Innovation TACYON® 3 allows medium-sized enterprises to use the latest NAND-Flash Technology effectively for the first time. Larger Enterprises benefit from the fast and safe TACYON ® Operating System, which is eliminating the negative influences from usually common compression and deduplication. ?

This sensational performance leap was made possible through the use of so-called 3D-flash components, which are currently layered on up to 200 tiers and thus perform a multiple compared to two-dimensional structures.

NOVARION integrates the next generation of electronical data memories in their products. Using this so-called Phase-Change-Technology enables much faster and enlarged Storage systems at the least possible cost.


HA/DT Flash SAN for Medium and Enterprise Businesses

Highest performance and availability, Disaster tolerant SAN environment – optimized for your performance needs.

Multilevel Cache Technology

CISC Cache und RISC Cache provide excellent performance.

Wide Range Volume Replication

Data Replication is supported for long distances to save user data to an additional location redundantly.


Tacyon® 3 monitoring provides a multilevel notification system supporting Email as well as SNMP. Hardware based sensors are working in every operation mode and also at offline systems.

Substantial Expanability

Featuring a highly modular design, the Tacyon® 3 retains the prospect of expanding at any given point in time and at any rate desired.

... and even more benefits:

• World-class All-Flash-Capacity
• Outstanding Data Integrity
• True Synchronous Mirroring
• Flexible Connectivity
• Enhanced Maintenance

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